Locked out of admin panel

I just enabled SSO in the admin panel. However, I think I made a mistake. The user on the parent site has a different password from the admin account on discourse. Consequently, it created a new user. Instead of username, it created an account username1, and now I can’t login as username.

Sam’s original post says to go to /users/admin-login and follow the instructions. But forum.mysite.com/users/admin-login just redirects back to forum.mysite.com.

Any help is appreciated!

Try /u/admin-login. /users is no longer used.

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Thanks for the quick reply! That has the same effect. Is it because I’m already logged in? I can’t really log out. It just logs me back in.

Yes, if you’re already logged in, it’ll redirect to the homepage. Use incognito/private mode in your browser (or use another browser) to log in using /u/admin-login. From there you can force log out username1.


Well, that worked, but it just logged me in as username1 again. And my username on the parent site was wiped out. Somehow it associate my parent site account with username1 and now it doesn’t seem to recognize username any longer.

Nevermind. I had to click the login link from the other browser window. :upside_down_face:

Thanks for the help!!


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