Logging in via SSO requires click on log in button afterwards to register

Hey guys, we’re just about to launch our brand new Discourse forum :star_struck: and the last little issue we’re having is that when we log in via SSO and are redirected back to the forum users have to click log in once again and then the Discourse forum realizes that you are in fact logged in and the header changes. Is there a setting Im missing somewhere that pushes this over without needing to do that?

You can see it here: forum.lastepochgame.com

Thanks all!

I see your website is build with WordPress. Are you using the WP Discourse plugin for SSO? It should work correctly for sites that have Woocommerce enabled if the wp-discourse-woocommerce-support plugin is also installed and activated. On the plugin’s SSO Provider options tab, the Path to your Login Page setting needs to be set to the path to your login page - for your site, the setting would be /login.

Hey guys, it turns out my SSO link was incorrect and I needed to append /session/sso to it. Thanks for looking and thank you Simon for your response!


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