Log in button on Subscription Page does not work

This seems to be fairly recent, The login button on subscription page is not opening the login modal.

Clicking on the login in button on the above image used to display the login modal but it doesn’t seem to work anymore after a recent update.

Ps: Tried safe mode, it doesn’t fix the situation.


Hi Bhanu, thanks for the report :slight_smile:

Is there any info in the JS console or the network tab when you click the button?

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Nothing that particularly concerns me, There are some warnings related to “partitioned cookie storage access” for some cookies from stripe but nothing is recorded when I click on the log in button.


Just to confirm that I can repro this. Button is unresponsive and no errors in the console or /logs.


Hey, this is fixed here:


Thanks for fixing this @nat really appreciate it. I see that the PR is not yet merged, When would it be available to deploy?

Once it’s merged, I’ll get it deployed for you. :bookmark: :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: @itsbhanusharma it has been merged and deployed to your sites.


I can confirm the issue is fixed, this topic can be closed.

Ps many thanks @nat for the quick action.

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