Log in button Redirects Issue

Hello, our Discourse website is installed on a subdomain (servis.printel.com.tr), and we have a corporate website on the main domain (printel.com.tr). When we try to log in to Discourse, it redirects us to the blog page on the main domain. Do you have any solutions for this issue?arch.

Hello :wave:

It looks like you have enabled DiscourseConnect.

Disable the enable discourse connect setting will allows direct login/registration to the forum.

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If you want to keep DiscourseConnect enabled so that users login to your Discourse site through your website, you can get some help with configuring that by posting in the wordpress category. What I’m finding when I click your Discourse site’s login button is that I’m redirected to your website’s homepage instead of to its login page. That may be due to an issue related to having Woocommerce installed on your Website. If so, there should be a way to get that fixed.


Is there a way to change that setting without logging in? Because I can’t log in, it redirects.

Go to /u/admin-login on your domain. For example, https://forum.example.com/u/admin-login

Enter your admin email address into the form that appears. A one time login link will be sent to you. If for some reason that doesn’t work, you can also disable Discourse connect from the Rails console. Try disabling it by using the login link first.