Log in to Rocketchat with Discourse?

(Felix) #1

Hey there,

I would like to connect my Discourse to my self-hosted rocketchat server. It’s possible to log in via OAuth, CAS and SAML. Details can be found here: Rocket.Chat Documentation - Authentication

Is there an easy way to do this? Does Discourse support any of there authentication types?

Best regards,

(Matt Palmer) #2

You’ll have to be more specific. Where do you want the authentication data to come from?

(Felix) #3


Thanks for your reply. To register on rocketchat, you need a Mail, Username and Password. I would like to take these from discourse to create a account for rocketchat or log in, if the account doesn’t already exisit.

(Matt Palmer) #4

Discourse isn’t a SAML or OAuth provider, so it can’t work as the source of authentication information using those protocols. The only auth provider support Discourse has is its own SSO protocol.


Interesting. I figured SSO was using a standard of some sort. Out of curiosity, why did you guys choose to roll your own?

(Christoph) #6

We use a self hosted CAS for our research project pages. This CAS SSO is used for Moodle, Discourse and Rocket.Chat .