Logged out of forum on iOS

Continuing the discussion from Reports of user logged out twice today - related to recent auth tokens changes?:

Unfortunately this evening I found myself logged out of sessions on both the native iOS app and Safari.

Possible recurrence of the session / cookie / auth tokens issues we saw before :frowning:

If there’s any information I can provide to aid debugging, please let me know.

Yeah I had this happen a couple of times last week and have some full sequences here logged

What happens is that we tell iOS about the new cookie, it echos back that it got the cookie and then it forgets it. Very frustrating iOS bug I am going to post about it on stack overflow to see if anyone has any ideas in this department.

The closest way I have of reproducing is by losing and gaining network


I’ve had this happen a couple of times on my forum in the last few days. I’m mostly using the Discourse iPhone app.

If I can help with debugging, I’m happy to.

I only ever saw this on iPhone and only if you are using the app (usually combined with having it open in Safari)

It is a reproduced bug in iOS which I reported to apple, no idea how what to do here short of allowing cookies to live for significantly longer times on iOS or disabling cookie cycling altogether on iOS.

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Yes please! Discourse forums are the only sites I find myself logged out of periodically. I’d like to be sure members of my forum remain signed in. I worry that I may lose members if they keep encountering this problem.

Now that ios 11 is released this appears no longer to be an issue.

Flag to reopen if still an issue on anyone with ios 11.

Note… due to some internal ios changes you are now forced to log in manually using the app.