How to stay logged into iOS app?


I have a self-hosted Discourse installation and I downloaded the iOS Discourse app to test it out. I added the URL correctly at and it authorized correctly and all but as soon as I tap out of my community into the Discourse app and tap back again, I get the login screen again.

Is there any way to stay logged in?

I have v2.2.0.beta3 +39 installed and latest version of iOS Discourse app installed on iOS 12.0.1 on an iPhone 8. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and re-added my community twice to check

I have looked through iOS keeps logging users out when HTTPS site added via HTTP link but not sure if that applies here.

Many thanks!



@joffreyjaffeux has a new version of the iOS app in the pipeline that may fix this.

I recommend you remove everything, be sure to add your community with HTTPS:// but before you do that, go to your app tab in your user profile and just revoke all the duplicates.


Many thanks @sam, revoking the duplicates in the Apps tab, followed by deleting, re-adding and re-authorizing the community in the iOS app did the trick. I’ve tapped in, tapped out and closed and re-opened the app and stayed logged in with no further issues. Much appreciated!


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