Logging out dismisses notification count

Now that the “log out” button has been moved below the notifications, logging out of the site dismisses your blue notification count (not the green message count).


  1. Have one or more blue notifications waiting for you.
  2. Log out of Discourse using the “Log Out” link under your profile photo menu.
  3. Log back in later.

Expected results:

  • Blue notification count is still there.

Actual results:

  • Notifications are dismissed from the counter, although they still appear in the menu.

Are you sure this is only happening because of the logout?
It rather looks like the blue count vanishes as soon as the user menu is open.

As you can see on the screenshot above, there is no blue count on my avatar, but there are still two unread notifications. I’d expect the blue notification count to be there as long as there are unread notifications. If I’m not mistaken that’s how it worked some time ago.

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This is true, but logging out (as an unrelated task) shouldn’t be clearing the notification count. (Nor should accessing settings or other such activities.

I just tried it now twice.
Simply opening the menu without clicking anything resulted in the “blue circle” going away.

You have been Notified
You looked
Whether or not you decided to do anything is not our concern, you are now aware :wink:

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This is how this always worked, opening notifications immediately dismissed blue bubble.

Not sure how we could even change this, workaround would be to use the log out keyboard shortcut.

No, actually it’s not how it always worked.

Notifications was only notifications, so you wouldn’t dismiss that counter
unless you wanted to see notifications.

Now, if you want to do something different, you’re penalized. :frowning:

You can always edit the URL to /my/activity and click the logout button there.

I’ve never thought of it as being penalized, but I guess that’s because of my habits.

I Watch a lot of categories so I get a lot of Notifications. I almost always have a count indicator (except for the rare times it’s slow here)
Because all of them don’t always fit into the list, after I’m done reading the Unread and New topics that come up in Suggested, I go to my Profile Notifications and scan for any I may have missed seeing.

But perhaps if I had everything Normal, (with only a limited number of Tracking?) I would rely more on them being in the menu.and the count indicator would be more important to me and I would want it to remain.

So either log out by visiting your profile and clicking the giant red logout button, or use the keyboard shortcut.