Login confusion

I have a button to allow people to login with oauth2 (using their account from the “regular site”). I’ve had a hard time naming the button so it doesn’t sound like it’s the title of the regular Discourse form below.

I’ve gotten feedback from the users that it was confusing signing up because they tried using their regular login in the discourse login form and it didn’t work.

Any suggestions? I think ideally then for me since I just have the two login options (the oauth2 feature uses auth0 and allows google/github/etc logins) I’d rather have them more “side by side” to look clearly like alternates. Is that possible with CSS? (I’m - very happily - using the hosted Discourse).

You posted this right around New Year’s so there’s a good chance it got buried. If you follow up with some simple UI mockups we’d have an easier time following along.