.../login link force redirect to "latest" view

Hi all,

I’ve just successfully setup SSO between our main app and our new discourse forum, however I’m having a small (but annoying) behavior.

From my main app, I’ve set up a link to the forum that forces the user to log into the forum: http://forum.200bar.co/login
It does the job and forces the login but it also redirect to the “latest topics list” page view.

We want to have the default view to Categories, which we have setup and it works when opening http://forum.200bar.co (below mentioned forum_link)

This unwanted redirect behvaior just happens with the /login link:
forum_link/login -->auto redirects to: forum_link/latest —> Launches login SSO procedure --> then back to forum_link/latest after sucessful login.

Any idea on how I can force to come back on the category page after successful login?

PS: I want to keep this forum accessible (readable) by anonymous users, setting the “only logged in user allowed to view content” does solve the problem but this is now what we want.

Thanks for your help,

Just changed the category to be more specific to SSO behavior.
Hope someone here can help