Login Methods - Eve Online SSO + Facebook, Google & Co

Hello alltogether,

I am woundering if it would be possible to use SSO and additionally Facebook, Google and normal login/register methods?
My plan is to create community with discord which has two parts:

  1. Is a standard community with topics for all people, the can register and login with Facebook, Google and normal registering method and have access to all categories except the Eve Online Corp category
  2. which leads us to that category: here will have users access which have registered via Eve Online SSO

The access question is not the problem, I am struggling with those login methods. When activating SSO, all other login methods are disabled…

Hopefully someone is able to help with that.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Daniel,
You can’t have SSO and social logins handled by Discourse as per this topic.


There is, however, nothing stopping you from implementing social logins in your external SSO provider. Which has the added bonus of allowing you to set groups based on the login provider used.


Thanks for your fast replies! Gonna look for an extern solution which allows me to setup the sso also for Eve Online sso service.