Sso with google account

(유선화) #1

I really want to login to my forum with my google account.
When I tested google oauth2 logins, it succeeded.
But I want to use ‘enable sso’ preference.
I checked ‘enable sso’ and I entered google domain in ‘sso url’ textbox.
And I also keyed in ‘sso secret’.

But it didn’t work obviously. What’s the problem?
I can’t find the method :frowning: Please help me.

(Matt Palmer) #2

The “Discourse SSO” system you’re looking at is intended to support integration with custom authentication platforms that completely replace Discourse’s built-in authentication system. In the case of common social platforms like Google, what you’re looking for is “social logins”, which can co-exist alongside other means of logging in. To configure Google logins, you’ll want to follow this guide . There are similar guides for other social platforms, if you wish to allow login from those, too.

(Daniel Graña) #3

If you need to integrate Discourse SSO with Google Apps to seamless authenticate users from your domain into an intranet forum powered by Discourse, take a look to GitHub - scrapinghub/discourse-sso-google: Use Google as Single-Sign-On provider for Discourse