Sso with google account

I really want to login to my forum with my google account.
When I tested google oauth2 logins, it succeeded.
But I want to use ‘enable sso’ preference.
I checked ‘enable sso’ and I entered google domain in ‘sso url’ textbox.
And I also keyed in ‘sso secret’.

But it didn’t work obviously. What’s the problem?
I can’t find the method :frowning: Please help me.

The “Discourse SSO” system you’re looking at is intended to support integration with custom authentication platforms that completely replace Discourse’s built-in authentication system. In the case of common social platforms like Google, what you’re looking for is “social logins”, which can co-exist alongside other means of logging in. To configure Google logins, you’ll want to follow this guide . There are similar guides for other social platforms, if you wish to allow login from those, too.


If you need to integrate Discourse SSO with Google Apps to seamless authenticate users from your domain into an intranet forum powered by Discourse, take a look to