Login with FB, google and apple only

Hi all,
I’m new to Discourse :slight_smile:
I’ve just setup the discourse on azure now.
Working on the login, I’d like the forum to only login using Facebook account or Google account or Apple ID. (I don’t want to allow people register with email address)

1st question is if this is possible?
I’ve looked a few posts here and got myself confused… sorry

This post is how to configure facebook login:

This post is how to configure google login:

And this post from Sam is for all the OAuth and it’s the official way:
Oops I can only put 2 links, this is the official: DiscourseConnect - Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse (sso)

2nd question is: if I only want facebook, google and apple ID, which one should I follow?

3rd question is: if I want to open up registration using email address in the future, is it ok? and what should I do?

Last question is: (this might be a different topic) I’d like my site and Discourse to share same login (I haven’t built my site yet but it will be in ASP .NET C#) my site will only allow the same FB,google and apple probably email in the future. How can Discourse read my database?

Thanks heaps for the help!! :slight_smile:

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Yep, you need to disable the enable local logins site setting

You should follow the Facebook, Google and Apple instructions

Yes, you can just turn enable local logins back on

If you want authentication to happen on your own site, you need to choose a protocol to use. The most common is OAuth2 or OpenID Connect. You could also use DiscourseConnect - Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse (sso). This will all require significant development work on your app to get things working.


Thank you very much David.
Can I please confirm this following of what I will be building if that’s correct as I’m new to OAuth2:

Because the website will be the entry point so I will implement OAuth2 on my website with Google/FB/Apple only. When user clicks on the ‘Forum’ on my site, it will redirect to Discourse, so on Discourse I just need to choose to use OAuth2 protocol? so users are already logged in when they come to Discourse forum?

Last question, I have hosted Discourse in Azure, if I host my website in AWS or in another Azure account, would it be ok? (they will be on the same domain, Discourse will be a subdomain e.g. forum.example.com

Thank you very much!! :slight_smile:

If your website is handling the Facebook/Google/Apple auth, then yeah the link to Discourse could be just OAuth2

Yeah that’s fine, it shouldn’t matter where the different components are hosted


Got it, thanks again David!!