Login with federated social networks

Using Font Awesome for the icons to social services works great for commercial services, since most if not all of the prominent ones have their icons there. However, those of us using free / open source social services are (I think) less lucky.

Any suggestions about how to add icons for e.g. Riot.im / Matrix, Mastodon, GNUSocial, Diaspora, IRC…?

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That’s gonna be a bit weird. Discourse only has space for a single OAuth application in the admin settings, and the login flow isn’t expecting to need you to type in a domain name, either.

You could use OAuth Basic support to add a single server, but again that’s kinda weird to require people to have an account on a single specific server to log in.

And let’s not get into problems with domains expiring, servers shutting down and how do I migrate all these logins?

Exactly what identity are you trying to prove here…? NickServ registrations expire after ~90 days. The email usually isn’t verified or even available to other users.
You can prove identity over IRC, and I’ve done it before, but I see absolutely no reason for Discourse to implement or support that. (And even then, it was with considerably stronger identity guarantees - Twitch IRC.)

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Oh and let’s not forget the problems where the server owner can set up the software to lie and claim it’s someone else’s email.

Set up your own instance, edit the database so that mister@somewhere.com has an account, and just log in with that…

edit the database again and set your email to no_email and log in as @system

In my post I was referring to links to social media accounts, not to social logins. My post belongs to Brand header theme component. Can you move it back there, please?