Long code blocks get no higlighting

I noticed that long code blocks get no highlighting - like e.g. 36k+ symbols or somewhat around that. How can I fix it?

Limit was added here:

We tried moving highlight to a dedicated worker (and consequently a background thread) but hit some issues around CORS.

If you want to lift the limit a good approach is taking this PR

and trying to fix the CORS issues it had and made it be reverted.

So is Discourse team going to fix it eventually?

It’s not in our roadmap at the moment. While getting the highlight working in a background worker is nice to have, the impact of the limit is low considering how popular code blocks of over 30000 characters are in typical discussions.


Could you please at least expose that 30000 number as a configuration? Possibly in the container .yml file? Or in the Settings? Whatever way would work, I just need to increase that limit.