Long Profile Link Bug

I know this is kind of silly, but recently it was found out that you can put these long sentences with periods in between the words and it will count as a link, and these can be very long.

I mean it doesn’t really matter but it will make everything look a bit more tidy to just put a few periods… if it is longer that the player card. Or limit the link characters.


Thanks for referencing the :joy:

Lol jk, when I discovered this glitch, I tried adding a few more characters to that inconceivably long website, it disallows it with an internal server error. I’ll try and find the character limit before there error :ok_hand:

Probably some power of 2


This is the max string of characters. I’ll find how many that is
Edit: It’s 256, that makes sense

I wonder what would happen if I replaced all of these characters for the longest unicode character that I used to break the layout of the “latest” hmmm :thinking:

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Okeedokes, now click on my pfp and have a good glitchy time :joy:

(I found that 256 "﷽"s just hid itself when I say that it’s my website. However, I changed it to my location, and the glitch returns!)

Well, I mean, it’s not a glitch. It’s just a thingy that needs to be truncated because it breaks the user card


This is fixed — long URLS will now truncate instead of overflowing.


looks good. but still, maybe check to make sure it’s actually a valid website? not sure how to do that but whatever lol

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