Paste links if you have short topic title length

Continuing the discussion from Start a topic by pasting a link (like Reddit):

In our site we have set max topic title length to 60, to prevent users from writing long and meaningless titles or use titles as description of the content.

But today I paste a link in the title that was over 60 characters ( ) and now I have this situation:

  • link is truncate in the title and in the message (click the link in the message give a 404 error obviously)
  • and clicking the link in the topic list give a 404 error too

Is it possible overwrite max topic title length only when someone use link as title, leaving the limit for all the other topics?

If it is not possible right now, can you consider this a feature request?


I believe this is the same issue reported at


And, if it’s possible, please add an option to edit that URL (because now it’s truncate, and redirect to 404 error). :’(


Thanks @cpradio I didn’t see that topic.

Exactly , the only way to prevent the 404 error in the topic list is delete the wrong topic and make a new one without paste long URL in the title.