Looking for a Developer to Migrate 2 Existing Forums to Discourse

I operate two very large communities right now. One is powered by PHPfox and one is powered by Xenforo. I have am looking for a developer with strong Discourse experience who I can hire to do both of these migrations for me. This will involve implementing some add-ons, implementing our Google DFP advertising, helping the navigation fit our brand, and integrating with our single sign-on system. I also want the developer to set up several new Discourse installations for us. If you are interested, please email nathan@gwilliam.com with your resume/CV, information about your Discourse experience and hour hourly rate. Thank you very much.

Migrations and installation and support are what I do for a living. See Discourse Migration – Literate Computing, LLC for notes about migration and Discourse Installation Packages – Literate Computing, LLC for standard installation info.

I’ll send you an email. My contact info is in my profile.


Thank you very much Jay. It looks like someone moved it to the Marketplace for me.

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