Looking for a way to set the post section

I’m looking for a plugin, theme-component or some other way which I can turn the post to be like in StackOverflow. I mean that the post will contain the main answers and you can write a short comment to the answer. I would like to have the following structure:

*** Question ***
*** Answer 1 ***
     *** Comment on Answer 1 ***
     *** Comment on Answer 1 ***
*** Answer 2 ***
     *** Comment on Answer 2 ***

The default Discourse structure works as:

*** Question ***
*** Comment 1 - Could be answer***
*** Comment 2 - Could be answer ***
*** Comment 3 - Could be answer***

Hope I described my question properly.
Thank you.

I think it can help you. Not fully, but close enough.


Thank you. Have you tried it? Is it stable? Good performance?

I tested this plugin a year ago, but since then there have been a lot of changes, and I think for the better. You can try it yourself to find out if this plugin is right for you or not.

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We now have the Post Voting plugin for this kind of topic layout:

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