Looking for Discourse customization & integration help

Hi, we are using Discourse as part of our platform and need help with customization and integration with other tools on the platform. The Discourse site is forums.stemaway.com (hosted on GCP). The site is currently WIP, as are the other tools on our platform.

What would you like done?
Initial round of tasks:
(1) add to the list of white-listed html tags (goal: allow users to upload their html based learning content), (2) suppression of user statistics,
(3) redirect of click on avatar to external URL,
(4) automated posting from form,
(5) analyze why tag suggestion is slow on our hosting,
(6) make invite functionality work with SSO (if possible).

We are looking to build up a long term relationship with a Discourse expert. A Discourse expert who is also a GCP expert is a dream come true.

Our design group does not have experience with rails. We still decided to go with Discourse for the simple reason that it is amazing! We are also working on opening up Discourse related projects to the students on our platform. We are a mission driven startup, our goal is to eliminate opportunity barriers in STEM.

When do you need it done?
Start right away. Work out a schedule that works for both parties.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
Negotiable. Prefer a fixed quote for the first 3 items. Open to moving to an hourly rate after that.

Thank you!!

I can help out with at least most of those things. I wouldn’t describe myself as a GCP expert just yet, but I am about to launch a site on GCP Kubernetes. Please email jay@literatecomputing.com.


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