Looking for examples of sponsor display

Our site is considering taking on a sponsor and it would be nice to allow potential sponsors to our site to see some possible examples of what a user would see of a sponsor display.

The site does not now or in the future plan to change for access nor is the site looking to use ads as a means of collecting revenue (but would use a properly configured ad plug-in if needed) nor using features such as patreon to accept donations. The site plans to always remain free and solicitation free to users.

So links to pages displaying the site sponsor are sought.

While a link to an active site where the sponsor display can be seen would be desired, I realize that some sites need logins and trust levels to see such display, a screen shot would also suffice.

Additionally it would be of value to know how the sponsor display is being generated, e.g. a configured ad, a plug-in, etc.

Since our site is a basic site that does not allow plug-ins, I can’t test many of these at present, but hopefully once we have a sponsor we can use the necessary plug-in if needed.

If this topic has already appeared I apologize as I could not find it, please just respond with the link.


Add them to a group and use group flair, as you see on my name above.


I looked into this and see what you mean by flair but I don’t get how that can be used to display info about a sponsor. I was expecting something like a banner across the top or something like a pinned topic that would be there when you first entered and not there on every post. Maybe I explained it wrong or my brain is not wired the same as yours. Can you connect the dots for me on how adding flair would identify a sponsor. Thanks.


I think I now get it. The name of the sponsor should be added. I was thinking it was an image and that it had to be clicked.


Another option you have is the House Ads from the official advertising plugin.