Looking for Google Analytics consultant (contract gig, limited scope)

What would you like done?
Google Analytics consultant that can help with instrumenting GA to meet our KPI tracking and community data analysis needs (e.g. set up custom user segments pulling from Discourse/Salesforce data, configure dashboards to answer key questions). This will likely start as a limited, well-scoped engagement, but there will likely be some ongoing support needs as well.

When do you need it done?
ASAP, early January start or sooner.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
I need a little help finalizing the scope and would like to get quotes.

Here’s what I have so far in terms of requirements, but still fleshing them out:

  • User segmentation needed (also need to work through where we pull this data from - SalesForce ideally, but could use profile fields in Discourse potentially)

  • Customers

  • Prospective Customers and opportunity stage

  • Other (non-customer, non-prospect)

  • State (US only)

  • Org. Type (based on custom Discourse field or SalesForce field, ideally)

  • Persona (based on custom Discourse field or SalesForce field, ideally)

  • Internal staff (need to be able to easily exclude this segment for all analyses)

  • Member retention (visiting the community and/or time spent in community over past x days)

    • What is the average retention rate overall (all segments) over the past 90 days (ideally we can easily adjust time period)?
    • What is the average retention rate by segment over the past 90 days?
    • Which users have gone inactive over the past 30 days (were active in prior 30-day period)?
    • Which users have been inactive for 60+ days?
  • Member growth (based primarily on target conversion rates from other Community programs)

    • How many new users have been added over the past 30/60/90 days (ideally we can easily adjust time period, and be able to filter by segment)?
    • How many news users have been added over the past month compared to previous months?
    • What are the referral sources that generated new sign-ups, with #s and %s for each?
  • Member diversity (district vs. charter vs. other, customer vs. prospect vs. other, geographic distribution)

  • How many active users are there overall and by segment?

  • What’s the district vs. charter user ratio?

  • What’s the customer vs. non-customer vs. other ratio?

  • What’s the persona breakdown?

  • What is the active vs. inactive ratio?

  • How have these ratios changed over past months?

  • Member engagement (activity in the Hub)

  • What are the most common searches?

  • What are the search queries that have generated 0 results?

  • What pages have generated the most traffic?

  • Which have not received any traffic over the past 30/60 days?

  • What pages have received the highest time-on-page average?

Please reply or PM me if you’re interested or can refer me to someone. Thanks!

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