Looking to hire an app developer for native Discourse

(Evans Akanno) #1

We need to build a native version of zegist.com for iOS and Andriod.

(Anton) #2

Do you literally want to duplicate the whole functionality of Discourse software in an iOS application? You should elaborate in more detail what functions exactly you want the app to implement.

(Evans Akanno) #3

I need full functionality.

I wouldnt mind an app wrapper with notifications


Did you see this

(for both custom android + ios app)

(Evans Akanno) #5

Thanks. Just checked! Awesome

(Anton) #6

By an app wrapper tou mean an app that embeds Discourse in a browser?

P.S. Notifications can be done via API, just like the current Discourse app does.

(Evans Akanno) #7

Yes that’s what i mean by app wrapper

(system) #8

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