What if I want to white-label the Discourse Mobile apps?

Since we released the iOS and Android apps a few people have asked us for the prospects of white labeling the Discourse app.

Meaning, they want to have a special app called say “my awesome forum” in the app stores that only includes access to the single forum.

  • The code for DiscourseMobile is open source and lives at: GitHub - discourse/DiscourseMobile: Discourse Mobile it is licensed under the very permissive MIT license

  • Access to our “Push Notification” server is restricted to our customers. If you white-label you would need to setup Discourse to push notifications to a server of your choice using allowed user api push urls and implement a push notification receiver that re-publishes to Apple and Android play stores.

  • We do not offer a white labeling service, we would consider it for enterprise customers as an added bundle, discuss with us privately.

  • If you white label, your app must not be confused with the official Discourse app. Ideally avoid the word Discourse when white labeling.

We always welcome contributions to the Discourse app, if you have ideas and want to improve it and make it more white label friendly, let us know.

Why would you like to white-label Discourse?

White-labeling Discourse is a complex task and involves a significant amount of long term maintenance across Android and iOS.

It is rare for it to be needed given Discourse has invested heavily in PWA support which allows you to have a shortcut on the home screen and push notifications on Android.

If you have a very large budget and must have your app searchable in various app stores or are looking to integrate into a larger mobile app this may be an approach you can take.