LTR text is displayed wrong in an RTL interface and vice versa

So the issue is that user interface language should not effect how language is displayed.
If you are reading a thread for example in English, but in a RTL language, the English should be aligned to the left, regardless to the interface.
Same goes for reading an RTL language in an English interface.

The is the expected behaviour in all RTL sites.

To give you the idea, I am attaching here an image of the FAQ when viewed from the Hebrew interface.

For sites that have enabled the support mixed text direction setting, the text direction of posts will be set based on the language used in the post. See What does the support mixed text direction setting do? for more details. This setting is not enabled on

Your screenshot brings up a good point though. the FAQ, Terms of Service, and Privacy pages are not regular Discourse posts, so they do not get their direction set correctly even if the support mixed text direction setting is enabled.


Is there a way to test the mixed text direction?
Also is there a reason this is not default?

The setting isn’t enabled by default because it isn’t needed for most sites. Since the text is parsed in the user’s web browser, enabling the setting adds some extra work to the browser. At the moment, the only way to test it out is to either join a site that it’s enabled on, or to setup your own Discourse site and see if it does what you’re looking for.

The setting is enabled on one busy site that I’m aware of, and seems to be working well for its users.