Magic Group Functionality


I just attempted to invite a member to our community to give them access to a group. The system told me, no need to invite them, they already have an account. What I think would be magic is if the system said, “no need to invite them, they already have an account - and we’ve added them to the group(s) you had wanted to give them access to”.


It seems this is implemented?

I don’t think this is really needed. You could also go to the person’s admin page or bulk add to group.

I’m about to invite thousands of people into my Discourse community. Perhaps 20% of them will already have accounts. The easiest outcome, by far, is that those who do not have accounts receive an invite and that those who do have accounts get added to the groups included in the bulk invite CVS.

That’s … already the way it works?

I’m not sure.

I think if someone already has an account in the system when the bulk invite is processed, those lines get ignored. What would be cool is if those lines then run through another process to add those accounts to all the respective groups on the bulk invite .csv.

E.g. I think it works this way: group1;group2. not in system --> invited, once accepted, added to both groups. group2;group3. Already has an account --> line rejected. This member is not added to group 2 and group 3.

If I am misunderstanding the system, I’m eager to be corrected.

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My understanding is that invites where the account already exist are simply added to the group when the user clicks the invite link.


But, the user doesn’t get an invite link if the email address in the .csv is already tied to an active account?

[2018-09-25 13:18:05 +0000] Error inviting ‘’ – There’s no need to invite, they already have an account!

So, in this case, doesn’t get added to the groups in the .csv.

Oh, maybe I am thinking of invite tokens then? Cc @techAPJ can clarify.


Currently bulk invite process is not granting access to groups to user who already exists. However if you are bulk inviting users to a private topic (PM or topic that requires group access) then we do grant user access to that topic.

I agree. Added on my list. :memo:


The Discourse team is the best. Amazing.

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