Magic Markdown tag for links to tags

In the editor typing @ or # offers completion to link to users and categories, respectively.

Stackexchange offers a [tag:tag-name] tag to link to messages of a tag. I cannot seem to find such functionality here. Am I missing something?

If I’m not missing something, here’s how I’d use it. I’m using Discourse to run online classes and have people add tags to their solutions to the assignments/challenges I give them. It would be handy to have an easy way to create a link to all of the topics with a given tag. (And it would save, maybe a dozen keystrokes each time I add such a link! :smiley:).


Sure it is on @tgxworld’s list to see if we can get tags to complete, however, there can be name conflicts between tags and categories.

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Right. Overloading the # tag for both tags and categories seems like a bad idea because of those conflicts. Maybe % or $ as a tag symbol? Or the stackexchange [tag:tag-name] seems like a good-enough solution.


I think categories and tags should have roughly the same namespace for the same reasons that groups and users do. They are closely related.

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