IP on blacklist

Following the instruction in my test email below that i sent to myself i sent a test email to and it scored me 9/10 for saying my mail ip was on an ip blacklist “Listed in [Hostkarma] ( -1 )”
is the only way to fix this to pay $50 or something for a dedicated IP and how bad will this affect my users getting email

We highly recommend you send a test email to to verify that all the above is working correctly.

Open a ticket with them. They are usually good a resolving such issues. 9/10 isn’t bad, though.


Mailguns response

Thank you for contacting Mailgun support.

Sorry about that. It looks like a noisy sender on the IP caused it to become listed on a problematic blacklist. I’ve moved you to a new IP while we work on delisting the previous IP.

Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot approve a dedicated IP for your account.

Our decision was based on the lack of sending history needed to determine the quality of your content. Please consider sending steady, high quality content for the next month. We’ll review your request at that time.

Let us know if you have any questions.