Emails and dedicated IPs

I’ve been using SendGrid for emails. One issue I ran into was that certain mail providers were rejecting emails. This was a major problem when transitioning to discourse since I set it up so that users can recover their imported accounts via a “forgot my password” email.

My understanding is that at the lower service tier, the IP address emails are sent from are shared across multiple different SendGrid accounts. This means other SendGrid users could damage the reputation of the IP address which leads to some user’s mail providers deciding to block incoming mail. In other words, using the low cost service leads to some users not receiving emails.

During our transition to Discourse, I paid out for a dedicated IP address for emails to avoid this problem. Now that we are all settled in on Discourse, the issue is that the email service is basically 2x the hosting cost.

Is there a way to ensure that emails make it through without paying for a dedicated IP? Or a cheaper alternative to SendGrid? Just wondering how other people solve this problem on their forums

You can raise the issue with sendgrid and they’ll hopefully assign a different shared IP to your account.

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