Main CSS and mobile style not working after update "2.9.0.beta10"


Am just updated to " 2.9.0.beta10"

then the discourse style complaty change no css also no mobile Responsive!

Can somebody HELP me?



I’ve just flipped my test site into Arabic for its default locale and I’m seeing a similar effect. I think this may be a bug. I will investigate further. :+1:


Can replicate. I faced the same issue.

The temporary fix is to revert to Beta9, by specifying the previous commit you used in the params.version option.

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You cannot revert an update without restoring an older backup as well.

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Apologies for the disruption @hiccup, here’s a fix for the problem:

We’ll backport this to the beta branch as soon as it’s merged.

Edit: PR has been merged and backported. The problem should go away if you upgrade now @hiccup.


Thank You All
I’ll be grateful for your help always. Thank you from the bottom of my heart


interesting, It did work with no problems, maybe because i reverted just one version?

if you revert a version that’s enough. but because my website is is RTL, so the update FIX: Workaround a bug in the R2 gem to produce valid RTL CSS by OsamaSayegh · Pull Request #18446 · discourse/discourse · GitHub was more helpful and easy more than revert to other version.