Make Banner Undismissable

Hey ive searched the forum but haven’t found what I was looking for I want to be able to make a banner topic non demissable as I put our Tracker latest issues in with status and a link to our tracker issue is there a way to make it non demissable to the users until I demiss it myself

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I can think of two options off the top of my head.

  1. Use the Versatile Banner theme component. This has an option to not be dismissible.
  2. Use the global notice site setting. This will create a notice that appears visually similar to a banner and cannot be dismissed.

I knew there was a plugin I couldn’t remember thanks so much and with the Global Notice it doesnt work as its multiple likes of text

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This is configurable with HTML too, and I have one currently displayed on mine (we’re in the midst of migrating to Discourse) with a link in it to the relevant topic.

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I went with @tshenry banner app much more customizations :slight_smile:


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