Make category's post only to be readable by the author / admins and noone else

Hello! Im trying to configure my discourse forum for a community, and i need to make category for ban appeals, and this categorie’s post should be only readable by admins / author, and no one else, i’ve checked the permissions but there’s nothing like like, is there a way to make a custom rwx permission?

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You can use Flags or Personal messages for that. I’d be interested to know why do you need a category instead?


Because it will be more tidier than personal messages, also, the ban appeals aren’t for forum infractions, but for in-game infractions, and people must post a topic using a template with the evidence of such in-game infractions, that’s why i need a category with read author only perms.

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Sorry, that’s not possible in discourse, You’re looking into a very custom plugin territory or maybe look out for some other solution.


Its alright, for now i’ll work around with the “moderators must accept the topic to be posted” for it.

Thanks for the quick reply tho :smiley:


This is precisely what PMs are for.

Create a group for the users who will be reviewing appeals and have banned users message that group so that they are separated out from any mod mail.


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