Make first post automatic wiki posts (using Topic Templates)

It would be great if the Topic Template UI also allowed automagically making first posts wiki posts.

Use Case

We Discourse for discussions ongoing project, people we are looking to hire, partnerships we are working on etc.

To make it quick for people to get up to speed on a discussion we use the first post in a topic to summarise the current state of project. So the post will contain a brief description of a project, plus a running summary of notable changes, removing the need to read the entire discussion history.

To do this the first post always needs to be a wiki post, so team members can update the summary on a regular basis.

The Advantages

Currently we rely on the first poster remembering to make the post a wiki entry, but it would be great if this could be automatic. Thus removing the need to chase down team members who forget to make their posts wiki entries.

This seems very similar to this request

As this would be pure category too right?


Yup! Sorry, looks my feature search wasn’t up to scratch.

Having read that topic it looks like nothing much has happened recently? What the best way for me to bring some attention to this?

You can either Do It Yourself™ or sign up for hosting since the team prioritize features that customers want.

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