Make it so the company staff has the title “Staff”?

I’m trying to make it so that the company staff has the title “Staff”. My issue here is that the automatic group doesn’t have an option (like custom groups do) to where I can make it be their title and show an icon for that group. My workaround currently is making a custom group that is basically the same thing as “Staff” or “Admin” but with different text since you can only have one group with those names verbatim.

My question being, is it possible to make the automatic groups have an avatar image (the kind that sits over the individuals avatar) and have it be set as the title, without the use of a custom group?

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Nope, at the moment it is not possible. Consider that automatic group cannot be set as primary groups. What you have done

is the right thing.

Consider also that in the last beta we have just introduced this new feature that can be managed directly by users and no longer only by admin:


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