Allow users to select title from multiple groups they belong to

Are there any plans to make the user’s primary group user-selectable? Right now, only admins (and perhaps mods?) can change it, which occasionally leads to users requesting we change it for them.

Also, I’ve noticed that when a user leaves their primary group, it’s unpredictable which group becomes primary at that point.


Yeah allowing people to select a title from any of the primary groups like they do in the badge title selector sounds reasonable. We should just add the options there and centralise on one list.


@maja, can you change the list of titles a user can choose from (in their account preferences) to also include all the titles from the groups they belong to?


I think we should centralize here… we already have UX for picking title from badges, just need to insert a few more values into that dropdown, I think this change may be 100% doable from the server side only.