Groups and default titles + avatar flair

We have a group on our forum that all users with a certain email domain are automatically added to. We have both a default title and an avatar flair image set for this group.

There are two things I’ve noticed since setting the default title and avatar flair.

  1. If I set this group as the primary group for a user, they lose the ability to select the default title associated with that group. It no longer appears in the dropdown on their user profile and does not appear beside their name. However, all users in this group are also automatically granted a specific badge, and they ARE able to use the title associated with that badge. Just not the default title from the group. This is not an issue if the group is not set as their primary group.

  2. Several users are not seeing the avatar flair as available to select under their Preferences on their user profile. I’ve confirmed they’re in the group, but that option simply does not appear for them. The option does appear for me, though I’m an admin (don’t know if that’s the reason). If I set the group as their primary group, then the avatar flair automatically appears for them, although there’s no option to select it under their Preferences.

Are either of these things intended behavior, or something that I’ve overlooked? I’m trying to figure out why they wouldn’t be able to select their title (if this is their primary group) or avatar flair, even though they are definitely confirmed to be in the group. My first thought was something related to trust level (these folks are trust level 1), but I’m not sure. Any thoughts here?