"make listed" again in the bulk actions

I have unlisted 60-70 topics using the bulk actions setting, and I didn’t noticed there is no “make listed” button there :frowning:

now to make them listed again I need to do it one by one.

I think it make sense to have “make listed” in bulk action as well, or at least a notification to admins about no bulk undo in bulk for this action.

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Probably fair to have re-list in there if we have unlist.

Tying this post here as it was lookiing for this too (just got buried in other discussion)


any chance if this bulk-unlist feature happens soon?

I think “bulk re-list” is PR welcome, but I would like the option to be smart, only display that option if 1 or more unlisted topics are selected.


PR merged :slight_smile: