Make only one Anonymous account?

Currently, each user who uses the Anonymous account spawns a new user, like so:

The problem is, once a member of the forum realizes who that specific Anon is, their secret cover is basically blown.

I would like to request a feature where anons can all share a single account so as to prevent the leaking of information.

This account should only be able to post (no liking or profile editing), so as to not mess things up for other users. Perhaps editing should be disabled as well?

In addition, Administrators should be able to see who the Anon is. Maybe there can be a “click a button to expose real user” feature?


If you are worried about that, set the number of days an anon account is valid (this is available in site settings) to a very low number.

We do not plan to do any further work in this area.

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Would it, at the very least, be possible to purge the user (but not the posts) when clicking “Exit Anonymous Mode”?

This is already in place, I believe, on the admin user page.

That would kill internal accountability, we do not plan to add that.

Okay. How about this?

Instead of using a special “Anonymous Mode” like is currently done, just add a checkmark by posts. When this checkmark is active, the post has a state (isAnonymous) set to true.

When someone else views the topic, it is shown as simply “Anonymous.” (Post username is set to anonymous?) Admins will see the same thing, but will be able to press a button to send a server request to get the true user. This, of course, should be logged.

The initial poster will still see it as his own post (maybe with an Anon tag or something) and will still be able to edit/modify/whatever the post.

This way, there’s no user needed and it’s just cleaner overall.

Way more internal changes and shoves this feature in everyones face on every post they make. Not in scope, not planned.

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