Impersonating anon user then quit anon mode will let admin know who the anon is

Is this behavior expected? Even after enough days the user will be given a new anon account when they enter anon mode, the old ones still point back to this specific user.

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I assume you mean impersonating, not stimulating?

If there’s an easy fix for this it would be worth doing, as we don’t want to make anonymous accounts too easy to de-anonymize within the UI… but ultimately admins have access to the full database, so if they want to figure out who created an anonymous account there are multiple ways to do it.


I see, is there anyway to create an anon account that completely independent from other non-anon account?

Not at the moment, but we have some ideas long term.

That said, if someone wants to be really anonymous they need to put in some extra work that is beyond Discourse. VPN + dedicated browser + completely different email / account.

There will always be server logs, so an IP address can be associated with a post by a savvy sysadmin.

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