Make Reply button more prominent

Suggestion. Could we move REPLY button to the left hand side and make it bigger than the other buttons. Or even place it over the other buttons (probably better but some A/B testing would help). This is the most important action we want to encourage (and little nudges make all the difference).


You can move reply button to left by changing post menu settings in admin side /admin/site_settings/category/basic.

I don’t think it is better. It easy to me for right hand side. I like current position. Let’s check what others say

And if you want Reply button bigger then you can do using simple css

.widget-button.reply {
    font-size: 18px;
    font-weight: bold;

And add your css customization in admin side /admin/customize/css_html


@BernardLunn I updated my above answer to move reply button

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I think it’s not available anymore. The recommended way now is to add theme components.

Here is my theme component for this. It allows to specify font size and weight.