Make Tag Dropdown Retain Focus After Tag Picked; Client-Side API Questions

How could I go about making it so the tag dropdown menu doesn’t close when a tag is picked, but instead if closed is the user clicks away to remove the focus?

I’m still getting used to Discourse’s software and haven’t used ember.js before. I also know that there is a sort of front-end api that can be used as seen here, but I’m not sure where to learn about it, skimming through the repo didn’t really help me understand what each method does and how it can be used. If anybody knows of any docs explaining the client api that would be awesome.

I think what you’re trying to achieve is not easy. When a tag is selected, the user is directed to a new page.

So keeping the user on the same page and changing everything else just to keep the tag selector open seems like a lot of work.

What is the real problem you want to solve? There may be easier alternatives.

Most of the popular methods are covered in this section of the theme developer’s guide. You can also read about those and all the other ones in the repository here


Are you talking about the tag drop down in the navigation menu/bar or when composing/editing a topic?

It’s not really a problem, just an inconvenience for some who are on mobile especially to have to click on it each time after adding a tag to a new topic. As mentioned below, I’m referring to when creating/editing a topic, which doesn’t seem to redirect me when adding new ones to the thread.