Tag removal on Firefox 61.0.2

I’ve just noticed here on meta and on my install of Discourse 2.1.0.beta4, that removing tags via the :x: icon next to the assigned tag doesn’t work on latest Firefox 61.0.2 (it works on Chrome 68).

The only way of removing a tag right now is using the keyboard with Right Arrow and Backspace.

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That should work ok cc @joffreyjaffeux

I would say this is a Firefox bug, the ember component click event is not firing when it is firing on chrome (probably related to the fact that this specific part of the component is replaced by raw html). I will find a workaround.

edit: yes probably this, it’s often firing on first hit when existing tag, subsequent render are killing the event.

edit2: tried on firefox nightly (63) still having the same behaviour, definitely have to find a workaround…


This should fix it: FIX: ember click event not reliably working on fx (#6256) · discourse/discourse@6a2ca60 · GitHub

For some reason, in this specific case the component level click() handler from ember wasn’t working reliably in Firefox.


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This is still happening on Firefox and Safari. Trying to delete the assigned tag by clicking the tag closes the mini-tag-chooser.

On Chrome it works correctly.


hmmm how is that possible, it was clearly working on firefox the other day. Will check.


I investigated a little bit more, I think it’s working better than before, but still randomly failing (and probably not so random in fact :D). I still think it’s a browser bug, I’m doing nothing fancy here, and it’s perfectly working on chrome. I have a good fix in mind, it’s not trivial, but probably the way to go. Will work on it but don’t expect a fix before next week.


I just pushed this:

It seems to fix the issue. It’s not the fancy patch I had in mind but should be good enough for now and give me more time to work on a non hacky solution.