Make the Permalinks page usable and responsive on mobile devices

All of the Admin section is pretty usable on mobile except for the Permalinks page at admin/customize/permalinks. It shouldn’t be very difficult to see how the existing CSS works for the other admin/customize/ pages and make this page responsive.
Sounds like a fun #starter-task for someone who’s learning CSS!

Relevant files:
Existing CSS for Permalinks:
Desktop-specific CSS:
Mobile-specific CSS:


think I can take a look at that!

I saw you referenced different mobile and desktop scss files…can’t i just use media queries inside the main customize.scss file?



Whenever possible, we definitely prefer to keep the desktop and mobile styles separate. It’s a lot more organized to have all related styles in one place.

So, try to have a look at making the changes in the mobile stylesheet if possible.

Feel free to PM me if you’re stuck on anything.


I opened this PR yesterday:

I don’t know if I had to report here or there.
If there is something wrong or that could be improved, let me know :smiley: