Make trust levels universal

There is absolutely no reason for users to have to restart their trust levels across communities every single time they want help. People don’t have the time to remake accounts only to have to restart. Reddit is much better because one account = many communities. Users don’t have to spam the website just to make their voice heard or be given the same permissions. Imagine if we had these Discourse rules in the real world, in real life. Oh you want to speak about the Earth being a globe? You need to reply 10 times to people, attend one seminar of NASA. Oh you want to speak about ice cream now? Please enter your Name, SIN card information, and attend this seminar on dessert making.


NO! This would ruin part of what discourse is all about. Being decentralized. We should not do this then somebody can give themselves TL4 on their own forum and then go and troll and spam all other forums.

You gaining TLs on each forum shows you know the rules, guidelines the culture around each community. It could also make it so people don’t want to use discourse because of the above reasons. Especially companies.

With Reddit, you can report the account and it can be banned from all of Reddit but not on discourse with it being decentralized. And since trolls can just make another account endlessly and instantly gain all privileges continuing this cycle. At least with Reddit its a harder to gain privileges especially by your self


This… isn’t a feature request.

Earning trust levels on one discourse installation doesn’t entitle you to bypass that process on another. Trust levels per instance are a feature in their own right.

That’s the :sparkles: magic :sparkles: of not being tied to a single large platform like Reddit.

If you don’t like that approach then maybe consider creating subreddits instead of discourse communities?


I do not agree with this, the purpose of Trust Levels is to promote user engagement and to help mitigate spam. A concept like this defeats the purpose of Trust Levels. By engaging with each community and climbing the Trust Level ladder for each, you get to know the community more and interact with others. Having universal Trust Levels will not promote engagement and could instead promote spam. This concept can also be abused very easily.


hmm, I didn’t mean it like that. I just meant that, when I can’t even post links to posts within the forum, this trust level 0 thing is way too harsh. This isn’t really a good topic anyways if discourse isn’t the one hosting each forum.

So are you saying if you are TL1 on a forum you automatically become TL1 on all others? If yes this is still a problem. The restrictions on image links and stuff are to prevent spam.

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No, I said if the forums are all hosted by Discourse, then it should be so, but if each forum is hosting it’s own forum, then there shouldn’t be any mixing of user data. I wasn’t sure if Discourse is the one hosting forum and user data or if each Discourse forum is responsible for its own hosting.

While I agree it is irksome to have to go through the process amongst every new community how are individual groups to know that a new user amongst them is a trusted user elsewhere? I am in several different communities and for some I use the same user id but for others I do not. Indeed for a couple I did not register for an account amongst a few communities with the same email address. I know it is “me” but none of the communities do; other than one admin who commented in their community about something I also posted here!

What would happen when a user joins one community in their professional role and another for personal use? Should both of those garner the same trust?


Some are hosted by discourse and some are not. No matter what it is NOT a good idea since bad acters can keep using the 14-day free trial to keep getting more accounts at TL1 and keep spamming on all different forums.

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I meant that each email has a certain level of trust. And by trust I mean to say permissions. I don’t really care beyond the base level trust. That is, if someone has trust, they should be Level 1 in every other community. This is how stack exchange does it. If a user is 2,000+ score on stackoverflow, they are 100 on every other community. Their trust didn’t transfer, but they don’t have to climb up towards that base level trust. That’s all I meant and care about. I don’t think over trust level 1 should be copied over, but that base level trust is definitely something that hinders communication and some users should be able to bypass it. And again, this is only possible if discourse is hosting the forums, which it isn’t so this entire topic is irrelevant.

I don’t know you from Adam neither do I know what other Discourse communities you hang around in but why should I automatically grant you privileges amongst my community the moment you arrive?


The Trust Levels can be adapted for each site, so two sites may have very different thresholds for attaining each level, as well as different abilities that each confer.


Indeed. And being a trusted expert in a Discourse community doesn’t make me a trusted expert in a woodworking community.

Or, being trusted in an anti abortion community doesn’t make you welcome in a community that thinks women should be in control of their medical care.


Perhaps you could make it an option to link accounts and display what servers your in and what trust level you are on those servers when people view your profile as I somewhat agree with both sides. That way people can have a better insight into if the person wishing to help is genuine without giving permissions straight away. But overall I would not like someone to automatically join a server and be rewarded just because they help with totally unrelated topics.

This is where your confusing Digital Ocean hosting with Reddit hosting. Reddit is a social site platform. Subs are merely extensions/content similar to Facebook groups.

Discourse is a forum software and each Discourse forum regardless of hosting is seperate from one another. One of the core benefits of paid hosting like Digital Ocean(discourse team) is your paying for tiered levels. The owner of the forum only needs to mainly focus on the front end(there website interface). The Discourse team takes care of server maintenance; which reduces potential downtime that one might experience in a self hosting.

That being said if some discourse communities wanted to link up maybe a plugin could be made. However some might be leary of it as it would likely involve sharing of private data in some way that might cause a security issue.

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This Topic has a lot in common with: Federation support for Discourse


And depending on where the communities host their sites a major data exchange issue. The EU has much tighter rules about data sharing than the US; the US rules are basically a bucket whose bottom has fallen off.


Consider: a user has elevated rights (TL4 for example) in one community R then joins community K thereby gaining the same elevated rights and creates havoc removing posts, putting other users on hold, etc. Leave it to readers’ imaginiation as to what R and K might be metaphors for in this scenario.

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I would like to see the same thing. Way too many passwords

Way to get hacked. There is absolutely no need these days to worry about too many passwords. Let the browser create a password for you and then have it remember it. If you are using multiple systems then sync the passwords across. (Or use the browser’s see password feature and retype it the once.)