Searching for status:unsolved returns topics from non-solution enabled categories

Our forum has allow solved on all topics disabled, and the Support category with Solved enabled and the drop-down filter working correctly.

The problem is that a search for status:unsolved still includes results from categories that have Allow topic owner and staff to mark a reply as the solution unchecked (for instance Showcase where “Solved” doesn’t quite make sense).

Is this a bug? Should that query only show unsolved topics across categories that have Solved enabled, but instead it looks for the absence of the “solved” attribute?

(As a workaround I tried searching for status:unsolved #support #general, these being the categories that might have Solved on, but that returned zero results because searching across categories isn’t implemented yet.)


Yes, I think you’re right, this is a subtle bug. When searching for status:unsolved, we should only list topics in categories where topics can be marked as solved.

We will work on a fix over the next few weeks.


This should be fixed now @dandv, per FIX: Search bug for status:unsolved returns topics from non-solution … · discourse/discourse-solved@4032a1e · GitHub, thanks @Juan_David_Martínez for the fix.


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