Making rolling and permanent quarterly backups?

I was wondering if there was a way (or a plugin) that would allow for multiple backup modes, for example rolling weekly backups (ie, upload one, delete the oldest) with permanent quarterly backups. I’m pretty sure this isn’t supported by the default software, but maybe there’s a mod I couldn’t see? Or even just a cron script? Anyone done anything like this before?

I’d do it with cron. Just do daily backups with a large max and have some external process trim them for you. If you’re using local backups then you could have a cron job that trimmed them and /or pushed them to a remote server.

It push them to S3 and have something trim them there.

There are a zillion ways to do those things on places like stack overflow.


I’m using Borg Backup in combination with BorgBase for storage. It’s not part of Discourse, but not hard to set up and it’s been running very reliably for me. It runs every night unsupervised and I run weekly checks and ‘prune’ tasks.