Manage group membership in Discourse with WP Discourse SSO

Holy :cow:! How’d you manage to find it!? Nice work.

By adding log statments to my development site. This should be an easy fix, but I’d rather not push the change to WordPress before I test it out some more.


Sure you have a reasonable development environment. Like a real developer. That I understand (in spite of my not having such!) But even thinking to try usernames that had changed… I guess the 2 was the clue.

Here’s a slightly different method to handle Paid Memberships Pro group sync. Pop this into your functions.php file. Expected behavior is add upon subscribe and remove upon cancellation. Thanks to @dfriestedt for sponsoring.


Awesome, anything stopping this being wrapped into a plugin for customers who aren’t confident editing PHP?

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No, probably not, but PHP/WP development isn’t my forte, and I don’t plan on personally actively maintaining this code long-term.


I am implementing the PMPro code above and am hung up on something. My understanding is that this code only fires when users buy subscription or cancel a subscription.

Is there a way that I can auto-sync users as they are created on Discourse? In my case, I have some users who are subscribers but don’t have a Discourse accounts (will be created via SSO).

If wordpress is the SSO master then you can have it update groups at every login.

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Is there a code snippet that shows an example of updating groups on WP login?

The add_user_to_discourse_groups function will create a Discourse user if it doesn’t already exist. If that function is being called for your users, then you should be fine. Where you might run into problems will be for existing WordPress users who got their membership before the code was added to your site. If that is the case, you will probably need to add the users to Discourse groups through the SSO parameters that are passed to Discourse on login.

To pass additional SSO parameters with the WP Discourse plugin, you can hook into the 'wpdc_sso_params' filter. The parameter you need to use to add users to a Discourse group is called add_groups. You can use it with something like this:

add_filter( 'wpdc_sso_params', 'wpdc_custom_sso_params', 10, 2 );
function wpdc_custom_sso_params( $params, $user ) {
    if ( /* some condition that returns true if groups should be added for the user */ ) {
        $params['add_groups'] = 'comma,separated,group,names'; // Don't use spaces between names.

    return $params;

I realise this is only sample code but it appears to have a pretty critical bug.

If the payment isn’t completed and the status of the membership is “token”

The group is still added to the discourse user :open_mouth:

I’ll look in to this at a later date but i think it’s worth mentioning

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