Would Discourse be a good replacement for Yahoo e-groups?

I’m looking for something to replace Yahoo E-groups for our club. I’m wondering if Discourse is the right tool for the job, but I have some questions.

  • Can people (easily) get notified via e-mail of ANY topics/replies?
  • We would want it to be “members only.” How are members managed? Is there a way to invite new members and unsubscribe members based on a list?


You can configure much of that when you run the setup wizard. You can search here for basic configuration questions and find things like Sending Bulk User Invites.


Thanks, @pfaffman. I see in this topic you were trying to connect Discourse with WooCommerce Subscriptions. It’s way over my head, but I’m wondering if you were successful.

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Welcome, @jod.z!

I’ve done it a couple of times. I think that the best resource here is: Syncing WooCommerce Memberships with Discourse groups when Discourse is the SSO Provider. It’s still a bit fussy figuring out all of the pieces.

If you need more help that you can get here, I can provide it, as it’s how I make my living. :wink: https://www.literatecomputing.com/. You can contact me directly or post in #marketplace. I’m trying to be on vacation now, so I’m not as responsive as I usually am.


Excellent, thanks! I would much rather hire you than figure it out for myself :slight_smile:

The link you provided is for WooCommerce Memberships, but we use Subscriptions. Hopefully it’s still possible.

I’ll be in touch if/when we want to proceed. Enjoy your vacation!

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Err. Since “membership” and “subscription” are near synonyms, I can’t quite recall. I vaguely remember trying to get subscriptions to work and switched to Memberships (the client had both). I’ll be available in a week or two, or sooner if it’s an emergency.

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No rush. Thanks again for your help.

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