Mandate email notifications for a category?

We’re using Discourse for a homeowner’s association message system. We have one category “Official Business” that contains messages every homeowner must get.

I’d like to make it mandatory that all users of the system get immediate notification emails for all topics in this category. They shouldn’t be able to unsubscribe from these, and should be automatically subscribed when registering.

I’d guess this is a fairly narrow use case and not possible out of the box, but maybe there’s some combination of levers here?

Thank you!

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You can set the category in ‘default categories watching’ which satisfies the first and last requirements.

It does not satisfy the “shouldn’t be able to unsubscribe from these” requirement.
I am not sure if that is something you would want anyway.


The items in this category are primarily Meeting Minutes, which we’re obligated to send out. My worry is that someone gets one too many digest mails, unsubscribes from everything, and we’re in trouble for not emailing out the minutes.

I do get your point, however. I’m just trying to find ways to reduce the burden of emailing people and posting for comment.

I need to experiment more with default categories set. Again, my concern is we want to send out a notice that a tree is down (for example) and the user has their digests set for once per week or something. I’d like to make just this one category operate specially.

I might be trying to fit a round peg in a square hole here, though, with Discourse. Part of the exploration, I suppose.

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Sending people mail that the want to opt out of is also bad.

You might have a really-important category in addition to the minutes category.

You could just check periodically to see if they have unsubscribed and/or get a plugin to force them to boot be able to unsubscribe from the result important category.

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