Email notification settings per category


It would be awesome to allow users to set their notification preferences per category. Currently you receive new topics in all categories in your digest, unless you mute them. But if you enable mailing list mode, this changes to every post unless muted. Now people might want to not hear anything about category A, only receive new topics from category B, and follow every new post from category C.
Adding to this it should be possible to set these notifications to either instant or every X hours/days.
To crown it all the ability to preset this for new users would be amazing.
With this added featureset Discourse can match up with mailing lists and the barrier for those many people loving email would be small.

(Michael Downey) #2

It’s currently possible to go to a category page, e.g., feature - Discourse Meta, and “Watch” a category so you get notifications for every post/topic in that category. It’s done the same way as watching/tracking/muting a specific topic.


Thank you, I’m aware of that option. It is a workaround - and will do until somewhen such specific preferences can be implemented.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

The digest email should do a better job of paying attention to your muted categories, at least. Can you add this to your list @zogstrip? Make sure the digest does not pick any topics in categories you have muted.

(Régis Hanol) #5

Was already handled. I just added a spec to make sure it doesn’t break but I’m fairly confident that it has always worked since it was originally added (April 17th, 2014)